The Flowmotion name has been in existence since 2001 under the creative eye of founder, guitarist and lead vocalist Josh Clauson – the only member of the band’s original lineup. The most recent addition to the Flowmotion lineup came last year in the form of guitarist RL Heyer, who brought to the already talented band an arsenal of rock licks. While Flowmotion always had a multi-genre attack hidden in its quiver, Heyer’s skill set allows the band to transition from downright booty shaking funk to fist-pumping rock before the packed dance floor knows what hit them. Members include Josh Clauson on Vocals/Guitar, Scott Goodwin on Drums/Vox, Bob Rees on Percussion, Sabu Miyata on the Bass, Zach Stewart on Guitar and Eric Robert on the keys. When their show is in full swing, Clauson and Heyer’s guitars converse pleasantly and aggressively, often escalating to arena rock levels while at the same time creating the sort of soundscapes typically reserved for the likes of Pink Floyd.